Benefits of Relevant and Targeted Digital Advertising and Digital Signage

The Growth of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing areas in the advertising industry capable of creating high quality virtual worlds and computer generated graphics and animations. Whereas advertisers were once happy simply to place posters of their products hoping they would catch people’s eye, today things have changed.

Think you can ignore these messages? Think again. The latest (digital) ads use smells and 3D animation to catch and demand your attention, even beaming sound messages to cut through the clamour of a busy street.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Content and messages are displayed on digital signs, typically with the goal of delivering highly targeted messages to specific locations at specific times.

Digital advertising can deliver what is called Point of Purchase targeting. This is the ability to project dynamic, relevant and captivating advertising messages, 
engaging consumers at a point when their attention is virtually guaranteed. It’s virtually impossible to ignore the advertising messages.

So whether consumers are waiting for a bus, standing in a bank queue or in a shop waiting to be served, they can be exposed to these digital signage displays.

Digital signage can help in communicating brand, building a brand and is interactive and “in-your-face” so to speak. It is without doubt that digital signage potentially offers a superior return on investment opportunity compared to traditional printed signs. It can be highly relevant and targeted.

Digital Advertising and Technology

From conference rooms to outdoor, to retail, digital signage is a way of educating and engaging consumers through unique and innovative display.

The growing affordability of large plasma and LCD screens have caused digital signage deployments to gain in popularity, and can now be found in retail outlets, airports, train stations and restaurants.

Digital signs may be scrolling message boards, LCD or plasma display panels, or other emerging display types like LED screens (OLEDs) that can be controlled electronically using a computer, usually via the Internet).

LCD Advertising Display For Effective Digital Advertising